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About Us Great Company

Bharat Softwares is Jammu and Kashmir's creative IT Company known for more than years to build the most beautiful & engaging UI designs for distinct businesses.


Our experts offer the best balance of creativeness and user experience with their result oriented innovation and you get more than just a nice-looking design.

“What started as a vision has now become a diversified undertaking.” Bharat Softwares of Companies with over 5 years of experience in various corporate verticals has become a pioneer name among the business groups of Jammu and Kashmir, India, and is none the less on an endeavouring tour so as to accomplish the desired success. At Bharat Softwares, we have a wide spectrum of clients together with whom we are leaving behind footprints in the corporate industry. With a vision of fostering growth and development in different business sectors, our key industry verticals include Software and Technology, Healthcare, Infotech, Hospitality and Management, Real Estate, Hotels and Resorts, Agriculture, Learning & Development, and several other industries. The variation of these businesses allows us to penetrate in different arenas. In each of these areas, we aspire to undertake innovation led strategies,

leading to the ultimate growth and development. The diversified presence gives us a competitive advantage to add on to our endeavours. Powered by a strategic based outlook, the experience and understanding that Bharat Softwares has of the industry, gives our different segmental undertakings a radical boost to endeavour further in the corporate industry. With ceaseless development and improvement taking place in the corporate world Bharat Softwares is imploding its boundaries to make more Corporate Legacies. Spearheading a revolution, we aim to move ahead with enduring values generating growing worth for Bharat Softwares’s undertakings. Our dream has been and will always be to explore possibilities and fulfil the aspirations of our customers and meet societal expectations.